The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos

In order to know and appreciate the context of the great sacrifice of Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos, we owe it to his grand niece-in-las Ms. Desiree Ann Cua-Benipayo to write his life story. Ms. Benipayo painstakingly conducted research and gathered documents from public libraries as well as from the holdings of the Abad Santos clan. What is very important is she managed to unravel stories that has never been written before about the man whose life spanned the late Spanish period, the Philippine Revolution, the Filipino-American War, the American period, the Philippine Commonwealth and the Japanese Occupation. From the perspective of close family members, Ms. Benipayo was able to colorfully relate the historical context Jose Abad Santos and his family lived through. The narrative created by Ms. Cua-Benipayo is not just the story of Jose Abad Santos achievements, but his life in the context of Philippine history. It shows his formation, the values he lived by, his counters with historic figures and events leading to his martyrdom. By studying the life of Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos in the context of history, we can put ourselves in his era and understand the conditions he lived in. And by reading the values lived by, we can be inspired by his example, ideas and ideals.

- Augusto V. de Viana, Ph.D.


Department of History

University of Santo Tomas


Desiree Ann Cua Benipayo, or Des, is a fervent advocate, adventurous researcher, avid student, and animated teacher on topics she is passionate about. These topics run the gamut frim food, family, crafts, travel, and history. World War II history - specifically the Pacific Theatre - holds a special place among her interests, and it is from tehis intense interest that this book, as well as her other advocacies connected with the Philippine World War II Memorial Foundation, was born.

She was born to a Chinese-Filipino family in the Philippines. Des received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, where she also taught while taking her Masters in Food Science. She was the topnotcher in the 1994 Nutritionist-Dietician Licensure Examination.

Aside from indulging her love for history, Des manages several companies and raises 4 children with her husband in Quezon City.

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Wonderful story by Jose Abad Santos

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